August 20, 2008…Homeschool.

Well, we have a week of school behind us, and we’re off to a good start.  We had our homeschool group’s back-to-school party on Thursday at the new bowling alley in Hattiesburg, Champion Lanes…what a great place!  There were about 30 families represented and about 70 kids…and that’s only about half the families in our group! 

It has really surprised me how well Jadon has done while we’re working.  When he’s not napping, he’s very patient as long as we occasionally involve him in the conversation, cuddle him, or put him in his jumper. 

Lauren’s favorite subject is Math (she’s really good at it…seems to come naturally to her).  Of course, at her age, she’s a sponge and yearns for knowledge…so she likes ALL her subjects.  Lindsay, on the other hand, said her favorite subject is “lunch…but if I have to pick one I guess it’s Biology.”  I really think she’ll enjoy her lab this year, though, once that gets started.  She’ll be using the microscope a lot as well as dissecting an earthworm, a crayfish, a frog, and a fish. 


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