February 12, 2010…snow day!!!

All I can say is “WOW”…I don’t remember EVER waking up to as much snow in South Mississippi in my lifetime as I did yesterday (Friday the 12th).  It was so beautiful, but it’s quickly melting and will probably be gone later today…not that I have a problem with this.  One day is PLENTY. 

We started out Thursday evening “trading” kids with another family…we took Summer  to hang out with Lindsay, and they took Lauren to play with their Ivy (this will explain why we have no pics of Lauren playing in the snow…sad, I know).  Lindsay and Summer were outside catching flakes in their mouths as soon as it started falling (around 10 pm), and they were back up the next morning to chocolate chip pancakes and an awaiting 6″ thick white blanket to play in.

I stand in awe of the beauty our Father creates.













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