Roamin’ ’round

Yesterday, we had our back-to-school bowling party for our homeschool group.  The kids had a great time bowling and playing arcade games, but I have to say they would probably all have fun together anywhere.  They have grown up together, and although they don’t see each other every day as they would in a traditional school setting, they always pick up right where they left off.  I am so thankful for my husband who works to provide for our family so that I get the privilege to stay home and teach our children.  Don’t get me wrong, there are those moments (and they are just fleeting moments) when I think, “If I worked, we could buy –insert temporary desire here-.”  However, my desire to be home every day to watch and help our children grow to become well-rounded, independent, worshipers and lovers of God far outweighs any new vehicle, latest electronic gadget, cable TV, or eating out regularly.

Speaking of my beloved husband, while we were off partying-it-up at the bowling alley, he was busy sweating-it-up finishing the fence for the chickens to roam…and the soon-to-be goats.  He’s my hero!  We couldn’t wait to let them out yesterday afternoon for the very first time in their short lives.

It was so much fun to watch them cautiously check out everything before making that first, bold step into uncharted chicken territory.

They were wary at first and stayed close to the coop. With a little encouragement from Jadon, however, it didn't take them long to venture out into the yard. ("Never wear pants in your own back yard" is our motto, LOL.)

They had the time of their lives roaming around the yard, scratching, pecking, and finding bugs.

Of course, being new to this, I worried they wouldn’t go back in at dusk; but they proved me wrong.

Right before the sun went down, they all started heading back into the coop, and I shut the door for the night.

This morning at 6:30, I went out to check on them, and three of them were standing by their door like they were just waiting for it to open…too cute.  As soon as I opened it, they all quickly filed out…although this time, not as guarded.  Guess they’ve heard the “early bird gets the worm” theory.  They’ve not quite covered the entire quarter acre in all their foraging, but they’re quickly making their way.  I’ve checked on them several times today – sometimes they’re all in the coop, sometimes they’re all outside…they all stick together for the most part.  Not sure why they would choose to go back and hang out in the coop, though, unless they still feel a little safer in there.  Regardless, I know they have to be much happier chickens…now, hopefully, we’ve made them happy enough to lay us some eggs already!


One comment

  1. Dawn Trest · September 2, 2011

    so fun! I can’t wait till you guys get goats! I want to come visit the farm 🙂

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