Thankful Thursday #14 – #32

We’ve been busy this week trying to make room for all our “stuff.”  We’ve cleaned out closets, moved rooms around, and some of it is sitting at the road waiting to be picked up by the garbage truck as I type this.  I get frustrated when I start cleaning out and momentarily want to throw it all away or give it all away, then I somehow manage to make room for it.

Why is it that I can purpose to live a more simple life,  but in the process I am storing up even more treasures here on earth?  I want to be treasure-on-earth free and have only what I need; but I find myself hanging on to things because 1) we may need that one day, and 2) because we we worked hard to have that…I can’t just get rid of it!  It’s not that I don’t have a generous heart and just hoard things because they’re mine and I want them.  It’s just that we’ve lived with this collection for so long it has become part of the fabrication of our home, and it’s hard to part with.

In order for us to truly be living more simply, we are going to have to take steps to rid ourselves of the myriad of “things” we have.  So, I’m purposing to start this week getting rid of some of my excess…whether that’s putting it in the hand of someone who needs it, in a trash bag, or on ebay.  I’m going to start with 5 things per week, and hopefully it will become so liberating to me that I can quickly move to 10.  It’s a start, and I’m looking forward to the freedom.

In the middle of all the mess in my house this week, I have taken note of just how blessed I really am…so, here’s my continuing list of gratitude:

14.  hearing “maa-maa” over the monitor

15.  getting that big ole smile when I go in to get him

16.  rooster crowing

17.  learning to sew alongside my two homemakers-in-training

18.  time spent with some sweet, albeit rowdy, 3 & 4-year-olds

19.  sweet Mondays – a new beginning every week

20.  conversations and planning with my honey

21.  beautiful women gleaning knowledge from each other and from Him – the Titus 2 way

22.  the smell…and taste…of fresh-baked bread

23.  a visit from a friend with encouraging reports of souls newly saved by grace

24.  cheap frozen chicken

25.  provision

26.  sitting here with my coffee and the Word and hearing the pitter-patter of little feet coming down the hall – always the first one up

27.  his big eyes squinting in the morning light

28.  his usual request for “chocolate milk, please”

29.  a great deal on a solar charger for the electric fence – that much closer to goats!

30.  honey, who values my opinion – even when it’s something I know nothing about

31.  a loaned vehicle from a precious MIL while ours is in the shop…I shudder to think how we would’ve made it without it for this long

32. forgiveness from Him is the only way I can truly forgive

What are you thankful for this week?  How do you let go of the extra “stuff” in your life?


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