Our First Egg!!!

I was seriously wondering if this day would ever come.  I think it’s been worse than watching paint dry…or waiting for water to boil.  We have checked those nest boxes several times a day for at least the past month.  We’ve even been traipsing through the woods where they like to hang out during the day and looking for eggs.  Every time I would hear a hen clucking loudly, I would race out to the coop to see if she was laying.  But all of this was to no avail.

Then it happened.

I told Lauren, as I did on many occasions over the past month or so, to go out and check on the chickens (this means to check the nest boxes and the woods for eggs).  She came back in and said, “Still no eggs………………..just kidding!” She held out her hands with this perfect little brown egg…it was beautiful!  I couldn’t believe it!  We had finally been blessed with our first egg.

We have no idea who laid it, but I was sure to praise them as a whole – “Good job, whoever did this!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  Lauren weighed it, and it weighs 1.6 ounces which is considered a “small” egg – but that’s ok – I’m fine with that.  Bring on the small eggs…just keep bringing on the eggs!

Wanna hear the best part of this story?

Yesterday, my mom said she had felt compelled to pray that the Lord would bring forth the eggs (if you know my mom, you are not surprised)…so, I figured, “Good idea…why not?”  Last night when Barry and I were in bed praying together, I said, “Lord, we are really ready to reap the harvest of the work we have been pouring into these chickens.  We have been waiting and waiting, and now we are ready to see the fruit of our labor. Bring on the eggs!”  I couldn’t wait to call Barry today and tell him God had answered our prayers!

Now, some of you may think that’s a silly thing to be praying for, but we don’t.  Our God is a BIG God, and He is involved in every aspect of our lives.  It’s amazing to us when we pray for something seemingly so trivial, and He answers.  I think it is definitely one of the many ways He shows His magnitude and how concerned He is with even our minute details.  After all, even the very hairs on your head are all numbered (Matthew 10:30)!

Anywho, we don’t know when we’ll get up the nerve to eat it.  I just keep opening the fridge and admiring it…it’s just so perfect sitting there, who could dare crack it?  Maybe after we get a few more and the new wears off, we’ll all have our favorite breakfast around here made with our beautiful eggs…


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  1. Geralyn Hampton · September 24, 2011

    Oh, Amy~ I know your excitement. The eggs start out small but gradually
    get bigger. My eggs are not jumbo’s but that is okay, what they lack
    in size I get in volume. Us humans are just so spoiled. OUR eggs are normal
    size. Some recipes I just use two eggs instead of one. IT works out
    really well. I am getting about a dozen almost two each day. I do have more
    hens than most folks,, 28 to be exact. I also have three Bantams, their eggs are the size
    of pigeons, but oh, so cute. I call them my Weight Watchers eggs.

    • Amy · September 26, 2011

      The eggs have already started getting bigger…in just 4 days! The one from today is almost considered a “large” according to the weight!

  2. MamaHen · September 26, 2011

    First eggs are so much fun! And yes, they will keep getting bigger and bigger. And before you know it you will have so many eggs you will not know what to do with them all!

    • Amy · September 26, 2011

      They’re already getting bigger. We are almost out of our store-bought eggs, so we’ll probably be eating those fresh ones up tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Terry Garratt aka Goatldi · September 26, 2011

    We had our first egg 25 years ago. Our son found it and when dear husband got home from work we fried it up and video taped the whole process. One could hear our daughter in the background with a wavering voice saying “there better not be a chicken in there!” We all got a bite. We still have the video and view it once in awhile with the granddaughters, who enjoy seeing there Mom and Dad at their age now.

    Enjoy your eggciting event and chicken songs to come!

    • Amy · September 26, 2011

      What fun! So glad you still have the video…what a treasure! 25 years ago…wow! I know who to go to with all my chicken questions…thanks for stopping by!

  4. Mona @ Healthy Homesteading · September 26, 2011

    Congrats! I always love getting my hens first eggs.

    • Amy · September 26, 2011

      Thanks, Mona…we are still super excited and ready to start seeing even more!

  5. Connie · September 26, 2011

    I totally get your excitement. When we moved to our little homestead this Feb…a chicken came with the place…but wasn’t laying eggs…we thought she was too old…then we got four more from my girlfriend…and she’s been laying ever since….I guess she was lonely LOL.

    • Amy · September 26, 2011

      Oh, how funny…maybe she just needed someone else to remind her how…someone more youthful…LOL. Thanks for stopping by, Connie!

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