Thankful Thursday #33 – #40

I know, I know it’s Friday…not Thursday, but I still have to post it!  We’ve been really, super-duper busy around here this week (more on that coming soon…can’t wait to tell you!), so I’m just now getting a chance to post.  The list is about all I have time for, but I wanted to get it on here…so, here goes:

33.  eggs…farm fresh eggs

34.  a creative little girl who loves to sew (among other crafty things)…she made this all by herself for her friend’s birthday

35.  a tender-hearted husband who just so happens to love animals more than I do

36.  Grace…wow, what grace!

37.  little boys who have to be scrubbed down every night because they love to play outside

38.  boots on the wrong feet…’cause that’s how he likes ’em

39.  her persistence in learning to drive…….a stick shift!

40.  the return of the van…fixed…to God be all the glory!

Tell me what you were thankful for this week…I’d love to hear!


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