Where have y’all been?

I know, I know…you’ve been sitting there, patiently waiting for me to blog while staying up at night wondering what on earth we’ve been up to, LOL.   So sorry to keep you waiting.  Since the reunion, it seems like I’ve had one thing after another to keep me from sitting down long enough to check e-mail, much less write a blog post.

So, what have we been doing you ask?  Well, I’ll tell ya…

Our sweet little friend, Lily, spent the day with us!

She's actually Jadon's age, but Lauren loves her just as much. She's so much fun, and just the sweetest little girl.

She was fascinated with the goats and was excited to find eggs in the nest boxes. It was a very fun day.

Since we were about to have some nights dipping into the 30s, I decided to add hay to the goats’ barn. They absolutely love it…me, not so much. It’s a lot easier to sweep up the concrete every morning than to have to pick poop out of the hay. Plus, they never peed in the barn when it was concrete only…now it’s like they think it’s a bed AND a litter box, arrrg! I know it has to be warmer than the concrete, though, so I guess I’ll have to live with it until Spring.

 Then, we woke up last Friday morning to this…

and this:

Turns out, there’s a group from our church calling themselves “Rolling Thunder.” They sell insurance (to raise money for the youth and music ministries) to insure they stay out of your yard. We had the privilege of being the “example yard”…how lucky were we, I ask you! Then, to top off the day of cleaning up the mess, we accidentally caught the woods on fire. With the help of my parents, though, we did manage to put it out with water hoses and didn’t have to call the volunteer fire department…whew, what a day!  There was an upside, however: we ended up with about 40 rolls in the yard that didn’t actually unroll = free toilet paper!

That night, Barry and I got to head out to a couples’ retreat with 8 other couples from our church , a little over 2 hours away at Lake Tiak O’Khata. It was both relaxing & encouraging. We enjoyed the worship, the sessions, hanging out with the other couples, and antiquing, but we mostly just appreciated the time to ourselves…especially the pleasant drive up there alone. It was definitely a revival to our relationship, and we walked away vowing to have date nights again…even if only once a month.

Lake Tiak 'O Khata

Yesterday, Jadon had his first visit to the dentist, and he did great (once he finally realized that reclining in the chair really wasn’t scary)!

Here he is getting his teeth cleaned by "Ms. Zebra" (the tool). He also got the water sucked from his mouth by none other than "Mr. Thirsty." Notice the rip in his drape...he pulled on it and said matter-of-factly, "I don't want this on me, so I'm taking it off."

So proud of himself....with Mrs. Jenny, his hygienist.

And the best part: getting to pick 2 things out of the prize drawer. Of course, he had a hard time deciding on only 2 things...so much good stuff in there!

To top everything off, our baby girl turned 11 years old today!  Can you believe it?  She is growing up so fast!

Sunday evening we had family over to cook out and celebrate her birthday.  She requested a pan of brownies (decorated, of course) instead of cake, and I must say that it was yummy.

Happy Birthday, Lauren Grace!

Today, we had “Mama and Lauren day.”  Rarely does she ever get one-on-one time with me.  When Lindsay is busy doing other things, she is usually stuck with the boys and me.  She is such a big help and loves being with us, but I know she enjoyed the time she got to spend today doing whatever she wanted to do…which, fortunately for me, was the kind of stuff I enjoy doing, too.  We spent most of our day in Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, but we also got to have a fun lunch.

Rocket City Diner was a great little place I used to love to go to back in the 80s. It closed in the 90s, though, so our kids never got to experience it.

It has re-opened, and the new owners have done a really good job recreating the old one...it's almost identical. It looks like it's right out of the 50s...such a fun place.

Photo booth!

She was ready to kill me by the time it was over, but they did the cutest rendition of the Happy Birthday song and gave her a delicious sundae...after they announced to the entire restaurant that "We have a birthday in the house! Lauren is 11 today!" Good thing she loves me...still.

So, that’s where we’ve been…where have y’all been?


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