Corndogs and a Carousel

We always love going to the fair…if for no other reason than to get one of those delicious unicorndogs (we call them that because they usually have a horn on one side…get it?  unicorn-dog?  anyway, it’s the best part).

It’s funny, though.  I’ve always loved the smell of the fair, but this year I loved it even more…it smelled like home!  The hay and pine shavings and manure and musky, animal smell – all rolled into one…it was great!  I also found myself almost giddy over the animals…they even had Nubian goats!  We could name all the different types of chickens, and now we have an affection for pigs (not sure how that’s all going to work out).

Jadon just barely made the mark to be tall enough this year to ride without an adult, so he thoroughly enjoyed it.  His first ride, however, didn’t go so well.  It was a little kid roller coaster type ride that looked like an alligator (called the Swamp Gator).  It’s first time around it derailed and stopped up on the little hill.  He was stuck up there for what seemed like an eternity for us (it was really only about 10 minutes at the most), but he was none the wiser…he just kept waving and smiling at us.  I think he thought it was just part of the ride.  And when the maintenance man came to rescue all the kids, he just thought that’s how you get off the ride…funny now that I look back at it, but it was a little unnerving while it was going on and we couldn’t get to our child to get him off the thing.

Anyway, Barry took a few (only because he forgot his camera card at home) pics from the Ferris Wheel and of the two middles enjoying the other rides together…enjoy!




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