Trick-or-treat, smell my feet…

gimme somethin’ good to eat!  Monday night was the first time either of the boys had ever been trick-or-treating, and they had a blast!  We started off at the home of a couple from church along with several other families. 
Halloween 2011 027
They live on 6th Avenue, which has always been the busiest trick-or-treating street in town, and this year they actually closed off the street to vehicles, making it much safer.  Like a friend of mine stated, “it felt like I was in a movie”…like we were in E.T. or something.

It was a last-minute decision to even go, so we came up with some quick costumes the day of from things we already had around the house. I think they actually turned out pretty good.

Lauren went as a cowgirl,
cowgirl lauren
Jadon went as a pirate,
jadon pirate
and Aaron wore a little tiger costume that’s been around through all 4 kids…Lindsay even wore it 15 years ago!
Halloween 2011 015
I made Yummy Mummies that I found in Family Fun magazine…you can see the recipe here. They were super easy and a big hit.
yummy mummies

Halloween 2011 016

Halloween 2011 044

Halloween 2011 029

Halloween 2011 060
I know it seems like Lindsay never does anything with us, but really she does…just not this time. At 16, I can’t expect her to go trick-or-treating with us when there’s a costume party going on at her friend’s house. She came up with this one…she was Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials. All we had to do was embroider “Progressive” across a $3 apron, fashion some buttons out of laminated card stock, and put on the red lipstick. Voila!
photo (1)


One comment

  1. Evelyn Beard · November 2, 2011

    They all were adorable and Lindsay is much prettier than Flo.

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