Spring Has Sprung

Once again, I’ve neglected my blog.  I promise, I’m trying to do better, but it just seems to be one thing or another keeping me from taking the time to update.  On top of the busyness of life, we spent the last two weeks with the flu…yep, all six of us.  Since we were sick for Easter Sunday, and the kids didn’t get to hunt for eggs, Grandma decided we should just pretend this past Sunday was Easter…like we never missed it.  So, that’s exactly what we did.

With springtime, come babies…and we have lots of babies around here.  Ruthie went broody again, so we put about 10 eggs under her.  Out of the 10, only 3 hatched, but they’re the cutest things ever.

She’s a good little mother – even though they’re not really her babies.  She’s always showing them how to scratch and hunt for food, and she’s very protective when we try to pick them up.

Not only chickens, but Lindsay’s cat,  Scout, had kittens…four…and they are absolutely precious.  This was our first time to witness kittens being born.  She had the first two, and that seemed to be it…I thought, “Surely not.”  I quickly Googled it and found out it could take up to 6 hours for all of them to be born.  After an hour or two, she had two more.  They were born just last Thursday, and they’re starting to open their eyes a bit today.

Although it will be hard to let them go, we’ve agreed we’ll only keep one – and this one is our favorite:

We have really been enjoying this beautiful weather we’ve been having.  After getting so much rain throughout the winter and early spring, it’s been nice to spend more time outside…of course, the only drawback is having to coat ourselves in mosquito repellent.

Cora, our Great Pyrenees,  has enjoyed our being outside more, too.  She likes to watch the kids play, and she loves to be brushed and petted.  It’s taken almost 2 months, but she is finally starting to trust us more.  I hate to even imagine the kind of environment she must have lived in before we rescued her.  She is so sweet, and we’re overjoyed to have her in our family.

And yesterday was garden planting day…here’s what we planted:

Cucumbers (3 different ones)
Yellow Squash
Tomatoes (we’re trying 9 different varieties this year)
Peppers (I dunno…several different kinds)
Red Potatoes
Sugar Cane
Sweet Corn

We also planted ten strawberry plants in our gutter garden on the side of the barn…hope they do well there.

So, now we’re looking forward to a bountiful harvest this summer.

Oh, and I can’t forget…we’re finally getting out of here for a few days in a little over a week!  My parents have graciously agreed to “tend the farm” while we’re gone, so we are going to Texas to see some of Barry’s family.  We are so stinkin’ excited!  Not only will we get to hang out with some pretty awesome relatives, we’ll also be going (for the first time) to a huge Renaissance Festival.  Now that’s right up our alley!

So, what’s going on in your neck of the woods?  Leave a comment, and let me hear from you!



  1. Seasonsgirl · April 17, 2012

    Your kids are so cute (beautiful for your oldest daughter). The chicks and kittens are so precious too.

    • Amy · April 18, 2012

      Thank you for your sweet comment, and thanks for stopping by! Heading over to your blog to check it out…

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