How It All Began

One of our first dates

     Barry and I (Amy) met at our church in February of 2006.  What started out as two people getting to know each other by chatting online, quickly became two best friends who were spending nearly every day together.

Lindsay and Lauren, my daughters from my previous marriage, fell in love with Barry as quickly as I did.  We suddenly felt like he had always been a part of our family, and we couldn’t get enough of him.  After Barry went with us on our annual family trip to the beach in June, it became apparent that our relationship was developing into something more than just a friendship.


Barry, with the help of the girls, proposed in September 2006.  We were married in a family ceremony at our church (the very place we had met), on February 17, 2007 – exactly one year from when we first met.

NYC skyline from Liberty Island

Times Square

 We went on our honeymoon to New York City during what would be the coldest week in New York that winter.  We both ended up sick with the flu, but we still made the most of it since neither of us had ever been to the Big Apple.  We will definitely visit again but during a much warmer season.

We were welcomed home by our girls to begin our journey together as…

Hope you enjoy our blog!



  1. Carolina · November 23, 2008

    hey guys! we all miss u in lafayette! hope ya’ll come back soon. hey jaden!!! i cant wait 2 see u in person! 0:) – Carolina

  2. Martin Jones · July 28, 2011

    Awesome Blog!

    Thanks for sharing.

    -Martin and Adrienne Jones


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